Start copying what you love. Copying, copying, copying. And at the end of the copy, you will find yourself.[1] Copying has always been the key to cultural production. More recently the interdependence of our creativity has been obscured by powerful cultural ideas, but technology is now exposing this connectedness. Today we’re struggling legally, ethically && artistically to deal with these implications [2]. Ripping in ripZipRARLANd frames piracy as a cultural prerogative. [3] It’s understood that piracy’s preserving effect, while little known, is actually nothing new. Through the centuries, the tablets, scrolls && books that people copied most often && distributed most widely survived to the present [4].

RipZipRARLANd ( which takes its combination name from several new media terms ) is a utopian local area network inspired by experimental new media art. This gallery serves as didactic context for the works which are contained in a downloadable archive ( zip file ). The works ( themselves having been ripped from the web ) focus on critical ripping, plundering && copying.

ripped by Morgan Higby-Flowers, Nick Briz && Jon Satrom

including works by, 0Day-Art, Ana Zhang, Craig Baldwin, Emergency Broadcast Network, Emilio Gomariz, Evan Roth, Evolution Control Committee, Geraldine Juarez, John Oswald, Negativland, Okapi, Pirates of the Amazon, Rachel Law, Recyclism && Sven Konig

[1] ripped from
[2] ripped from
[3] ripped from
[4] ripped from



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