WWWorkingGroups are WWWorking!

GLI.TC/H Threads have been announced and are now beginning to form on the WorkingGroups.

Working Groups, similar to Internet Working Groups are formalized/structured spaces for open/participatory development of GLI.TC/H threads (+related projects). The Working Groups are an online space for conversation + collaboration + planning leading up to the days of IRL activity (on Dec 6 – 9).

Log-in, Dial-up, and Dig-in…

You can access the GLI.TC/H WorkingGroups here: http://working.gli.tc/forums/

or skip/hop to a specific WorkingGroup: glossary glitchxxx cultures Hardware hacking and recycling strategies in an age of technological obsolescence ouLANGltchpoSupraconductor DNMw3rkstati0n collaboration && community projects


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