Ende Tymes

Jason Soliday and I are going to be playing the Ende Tymes Festival in NYC; May 17-20.

Secret Project Robot: 389 Melrose St, Bushwick
Outpost Artist Resources: 1665 Norman St, Ridgewood

The ENDE TYMES FESTIVAL is a celebration of NOISE, EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC, FILM AND VIDEO ART. Presented over the course of 4 NIGHTS at 2 VENUES in Brooklyn and Queens, this second-annual event presents OVER 50 ARTISTS working with STREET-LEVEL AVANT-GARDE TECHNOLOGY


Astro (JP), Sudden Infant (DE), Cheapmachines (UK), Joseph Hammer (CA), Thomas Dimuzio (CA), Unicorn (CA), Telecult Powers (NY/LA), Maria Chavez (NY), Hyena Hive (QC), Sickness (CT), +DOG+ (CA), Crank Sturgeon (ME), Dog Lady Island (MI), Laundry Room Squelchers (FL), Mike Shiflet (OH), Zaimph (NY), Fatale (IL), Husere Grav (TX), Grasshopper (NY), work/death (RI), Skin Graft (OH), Mesa Ritual (NM), Paranoid Time (MI), Tar Pit (MI), Terrors (MD), Grkzgl (QC), Lussuria (NY), Chaos Majik (NY), Beer Damage (NY), John Mannion (NY), Narcissister + Earthmasters (NY), Nonhorse (NY), Isa Christ (NY), Diablo (NY), The Second Sun (NY)

film/video performances by: Joke Lanz (DE), + Shelley Hirsch (NY), Katherine Liberovskaya + Leslie Ross (NY), Jeff Donaldson (NY), Alain Lefebvre + Sonya Stefan (QC), Jeff Carey (MD), Cory O’Brien + Mei Mei Chang (DC), Jason Soliday + Jon Satrom (IL), Jean-Sébastien Truchy + Jean Bourbonnais (QC), Katherine Kline + Leyla Majeri (QC), Phillip Stearns (NY), Greg Fox (NY), Maussade + CA CA CA (QC), Erin Sexton (QC), Alexander Wilson (QC),

East Village Radio and again
Tiny Mix Tapes and again
Impose Magazine
Village Voice / SF Weekly / LA Weekly / etc


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