POWERUP! A chiptunes event to benefit PLAYPOWER

POWERUP! A chiptunes event to benefit PLAYPOWER

SEPT 10, 2011 3PM – ON

Nightingale Theatre–1084 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago IL 60642

8-bit home computers are still being sold! Millions of kids in developing countries are enjoying systems that cost less than $10 and plug into a TV. PLAYPOWER wants to help kids by creating new 8-bit learning games. 8-bit artists, musicians and hackers are creating development toolkits and game design workshops. So far, we’ve accomplished a lot: designing, developing and field-testing games to teach typing, fun science facts, and malaria prevention-we’ve even got a prototype for teaching a bit of BASIC programming.

We need your help! Come out to the Nightingale for a full day of 8-bit fun!

The plan is to order 10,000 custom cartridges (loaded with our games) from the pirate 8-bit game manufacturers in China and re-sell the cartridges to wholesalers we’ve found in India, where they will end up in the market, reaching at least 10,000 kids. Then, *if our games are good enough*, we sit back and let the manufacturers start pirating our games and including them in the package. Bing! Bing! Bing!


3.00pm-6.00pm – 8bit game design workshop w/ no-carrier ($25)

7.30pm – Doors open for performances (Tickets $10)

8.00pm-8.30pm – 8-bit open mic

8.30pm – Audio/Visual performances

CHIPTUNES BY: Environmental Sound Collapse, Saskrotch, Kkrusty, Stagediver, Nom Star, & Ungertron

REALTIME VIDEO BY: no-carrier, jon.satrom, & E.S.C


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