hypertext remix

hypertext remix is a browser-sequencer hacked together by kellyn loehr and lara warman

“We decided that the browser is not just a tool for viewing performances, but a performative tool in and of itself. We came up with Hypertext Remix, a browser sequencer that generates system sounds when a browser hits the edge of the screen. We wanted to think quite literally in the box and see how we could work with those constraints. The speed of each box is set by the scroll bar and the sounds that are generated create a sense of familiarity in an uncanny way. They are all sounds that create an emotional resonance with the machines and systems we use on a daily basis.”

via Nick Briz
also featured on Creative Applications

I’d love to try it out. It is a bit strange for a browser-based piece to not have a URL. I poked around for a bit, but couldn’t dig up more than the video above and still images.

For a more traditional, yet HTML5 browser-drum-machine, check out: Pattern Sketch


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