QTzrk in Filtering Failure

Filtering Failure

Filtering Failure

Filtering Failure at PLANETART, Amsterdam

Filtering Failure at PLANETART, Amsterdam

Curated by Julian van Aalderenand and Rosa Menkman, with Paul Davis (US/UK), Benjamin Gaulon (IR/FR), Gijs Gieskes (NL), JODI (NL/BE), Karl Klomp (NL), no-carrier (US), Notendo (US), Nullsleep (US), Jon Satrom (US), Videogramo (ES).:: until April 1, 2011 :: PLANETART, Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam, 1091 GR, Netherlands.

In a culture that is continuously accelerating, filters have become a primal commodity. We use them both to open and to close ourselves to or from any kind of possible information. Filters are ubiquitous. However, we only realize their presence when we lack them or when they fail our expectations. On the other hand, modern digital cultures are inseparable from keywords like functionality, smoothness, order and progress. Interaction designers, programmers and interface developers all work together to understand and execute these mantras. But to really understand these keywords, they have to be defined in relation to what they are not. A successful product designer does not design for the average customer, but instead for the marginal, extreme customer; because when taking the margins as the rule, the middle will take care of itself!

This is why studying the qualities of disfunction, irregularities, breaks, disorder, damage or even demolition are as important in the development of a new technological product as the researching of its perfect flows and this is also one of the reasons why I think it is important to study failure. The concepts of perfection and failure are a tradeoff of each other. If we want to understand and pursue perfection – we can find this in the pursuit of failure.

Filtering Failure investigates (the connections between) the procedural terms ‘filtering’ and ‘failure’ and how in (lo-fi) digital arts these terms are being re-invented and re-used. The exhibition asks how Filtering and Failure co-exist; and how these processes influence each other.

The exhibition includes new and older works from the avant-garde of glitch artists. These works show the filtering of failure as a generative process, but also to unfold a genre that includes many the different envelopes of personal ways of dealing with failure.

Filtering Failure is an initiative of PLANETART and GOGBOT in collaboration with Rosa Menkman and Julian van Aalderen.

Powered by gem. Enschede, Blacklabel Records & Eurotrash Brewery.
Photos ripped from Rosa Menkman

Download the catalogue.

Jon Satrom and videogramo

Jon Satrom and videogramo

Filtering Failure Home-Brewed Beer

Filtering Failure Home-Brewed Beer

For QTzrk, I created the video loop above. I utilized a QuickTime technique that will soon be rendered dead by QuickTime X (Tutorial coming in early April!!)

You can download the “qtlets” I created and used in QTzrk,
here: http://jonsatrom.com/—/qtzrk/



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