An Unknown Error Has Occurred

Chicago writer, Yolanda Green interview me along with Nick BrizNicolas O’Brien, and Brian Khek for a feature in this month’s Chicago Art Magazine about our work, glitch art, and new-media in general. The article is titled: An Unknown Error Has Occurred: New Media and Glitch Art.

In a world that seems to find beauty in perfection, what role do imperfections play in the art scene?

Chicago has proven to be a home to glitch and New Media art. For example, Chicago hosted a five day conference last year entitled GLI.TC/H. Artists from all over the world were able to talk about glitch art and showcase their work in several settings, including a gallery show and an online show, as well as other performances and screenings. “Chicago was a perfect location for a festival/conference/gathering like GLI.TC/H,” Jon Satrom, one of the organizers expressed. “Along with the ‘Let’s do this!’ DIY ethic, there are quite a few local folks exploring signal, noise, failure, and the aesthetics of digital artifacts.” Another curator for the GLI.TC/H event, Nick Briz, said that the reason he came to Chicago was because of the very prominent glitch art scene. read more…


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