My work was mentioned by Francesco Spampinato in an article titled: Electro-luminescenza: Videoarte a dorso di Mini Pony (fluo) which Google translates as: “Electro-luminescence: Video Art on the back of Mini Pony (fluorescent).” [link] Spampinato is an artist and theorist living and working in Bologna and New York. He writes for: Flash Art, Kaleidoscope, Impackt, and Artlab. The article was recently published in an issue of LINK, a major TV and media studies journal in Italy. The article is about artists who employ remix, subversion, de(con)struction, and digital psychedelia in their work. The list of artists (I quoted it below) is awesome!

Quotes piped through Google Translate…

view the Italian version: here

… [T]hese artists are deeply concerned manipulating techniques of the brain and mindfucking as hypnosis – recognized many industries of war, religion or totalitarian governments perpetrated in the Orwellian atmosphere via television or during collective rituals – for transcend, through the work of art, a reality-heavy with conspiracy.

The elements that characterize them – rhythm, patterns, colors, sounds – have to do with a dimension of otherness which favors an interpretation of consciousness exploration.

… these artists are geeks, hackers, and culture vultures …

The list is long and constantly evolving, but among the punk electro-luminescent it is worth remembering: Cory Arcangel, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, MichaelBell-Smith, Paul B. Davis, Black Dice, Jeremy Blake, Philippe Blanchard, Dearraindrop, Jim Drain, E*Rock, Wynne Greenwood, Forcefield, Hooliganship, Ben Jones, The Jonkers, Lo-Vid, Frankie Martin, Shana Moulton,Takeshi Murata, NoteNdo, Paper Rad, Ara Peterson, PFFR, Jimmy Joe RocheJon Satrom, Paul Slocum, Yoshi Sodeoka, Bec Stupak, Ryan Trecartin and Andrew Jeffrey Wrigh.



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