I am sitting in *

Antonio Roberts, AKA hellocatfood‘s “I’m sitting in a room” is a piece was inspired by Alvin Lucier’s instruction-set and sound recording of the same name.

Alvin Lucier: I am Sitting in a Room 40 minutes (1969)

Roberts’ homage documents progressive bends to a font-file over time. Hundreds of font files later, Dataface emerged .

DATAFACE DOWNLOAD (selectall.org mirror)

I am Sitting in a Room’s score is recursive; it is the text itself, read once and re-re-re-re-recorded. Over the course of forty minutes, the acoustics of the room smother the source. When considering the work today, one can certainly link systems of compression to the architecture Lucier was exposing.

In addition to Roberts’s re-interpertation(s), other digital contemporary versions include Cory Arcangel‘s Number of the Beast (compressed mp3 666 times) and Patrick Liddell‘s I am Sitting in a Video Room

Download the script here.

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