T.RASHB.IN’s gremlins are hungry

I recently sat down with Jake Elliott to hack out HTTP://T.RASHB.IN, a plugin-and-play online component of the upcoming 2010 GLI.TC/H gathering/conference/festival in Chicago. T.RASHB.IN is an exercise in radically open curation. All browser-compatible data uploaded is included in the infinite gallery. The system is an online gallery of static glitch images. Participants upload files that are added to the gallery viewable in an automagical slide-show. Participants also have the opportunity to “add gremlins” to their images and/or “feed” their images to the gremlins. Adding gremlins randomly spatters gremlins across the image file. Feeding the gremlins results in JPG glitchy goodness.

Gremlins are equal-opportunity pranksters who create problems within mechanical and technological devices and systems.

Along with being an online glitch art gallery, T.RASH.BIN will be physically present via video projection at GLI.TC/H events.

Jake’s PHP wizardry on a couple of his Tumblr projects came in handy while developing T.RASH.BIN, I specifically : “I am Busy Doing Research“, “I Pretended…“, and “Kitten Glitches“.

Contribute your glitch artworks at HTTP://T.RASHB.IN


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