GLI.TC/H seeks bumpers

This bumper for the 2010 GLI.TC/H gathering/conference/festival in Chicago was created with material captured during the organizing process. Through Skype meetings, Nick Briz, Evan Meaney, Rosa Menkman, and I developed a spreadsheet method of organizing data that ended up visually resembling a glitch. I screen-recorded scrolling through it to generate source material for this video.
MYOB: Make your own bumper!
The video should be around 30 seconds and needs to include the following:
name: “GLI.TC/H”;
dates: “SEP 29 – OCT 3, 2010”;
location: “Chicago”; “website: “HTTP://GLI.TC/H”
DOWNLOAD: link to glitch[a t]
UPLOADE: to YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, InternetArchive, etc.
Videos will be featured online, spliced into screenings, and will play at events.

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