Velocanim_RBW_X DEMO

Windows, icons and velociraptors scripted in AppleScript. This video is a concatenation of two separate recordings due to limited disc-space on my hard-drive. (That’s why you see my mouse at 01:05)

My Demo Velocanim_RBW_X DEMO took first place in the “Wild” Category at the 2010 BLOCKPARTY at NOTACON 2010 I’m super pleased to have been a part of the whole event, including criticalartware‘s Critical Glitch Artware Category.

photo by jonCates

I won $150 and a portable hard-drive. Most of the money went toward chips and beer and the hard-drive is already almost full. :) I also picked up a couple cans of cocaine for the road.


One thought on “Velocanim_RBW_X DEMO

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