Usually, I post this stuff on SpamMagnet, but, I just got the most amazing message. I read it thoroughly before I clicked “load images” in my email program. I understand that when one loads the picture in an email like this, it pings the spammer’s server to confirm that I am at a “live” email address, but, I thought the algorithm that created the TXT for their email was worth giving myself up… Needless to say, I was very disappointed by the image that loaded before me:

The TXT is below:

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Dear Person Who Sent This Spam To Me,
I will gladly assist you with better images…


6 thoughts on “SpamAwesome!

  1. very nice work Jon! I’d love to collaborate with you some day, it seem like we have a lot of shared interests…


  2. ah! I didn’t know before that you work at the Art Institute. What a great place. A friend of mine just graduated there. Nadav. Like me he is also into max/msp/jitter magic, although our artistic style and aims are very different.

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