I Love Presets @ Starlight Cinema

“I Love Presets, the multimedia spaz-lab of Chicago artists Jon Satrom, Jason Soliday, and Rob Ray, celebrates how technology can revolutionize video art, but, paradoxically, revels in how limited some of that technology is. Their live performances and YouTube videos capture a pixelated meltdown in which rather low-rent digital animation and imagery—including those animated GIFs that used to flicker across your Geocities page back in 1998—intersects with glitchy, static-ridden music.” — A.V. Club

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your computer was schizophrenic? Probably not, but if you braved the snow to see Chicago-based I Love Presets show at the Memorial Union Play Circle, you got a pretty good idea of what it’d be like.” … “At times, it’d sound like a fire alarm going off in the turbine room of a cruise ship. This would go on for a few minutes, fade out, and come roaring back sounding like a 56k modem connecting to AOL. All of this was under the ominous hum of an alien mothership flying overhead. In short, it sounded like the computers were going insane.” — Badger Herald


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