AutoTuned Talking Kitties

One of my favorite video genres involves people who capture their animals “talking.” Check out my “Animals Trying to Speak Human” play-list on YouTube. There is something about the intimacy of these videos that I find fascinating. People have a special understanding when talking to their animals. The human interpretation of Animal English seems to be pretty semantically forgiving. Questions tend to involve the animal’s love of the human and reaffirm the human’s dominance. Answers tend to be tonal in nature and are often unintelligible to the untrained ear. (See videos of dogs saying “Mommy” and “I love you.”)

After watching so many “Animals Trying to Speak Human” videos, I was super excited to see many of them reappear in this amazing music video by rathergoodstuff. (thnx @joncates + @jakevsrobots)


One thought on “AutoTuned Talking Kitties

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