Raglani/Hauschildt Benefit Show

Raglani/Hauschildt Benefit Show
at Enemy1550 N Milwaukee AVE

Magic Missile
Kevin Drumm + Vadim Sprikut
TVPow + Raglani
Tiger Hatchery
Face Worker

Doors 8PM
Music 9PM
$5-10 suggested donation

mm_benefit show

As most of you have probably already heard, Joe Raglani and Steve Hauschildt had most of their gear stolen while they were on tour. Pretty rotten situation all told…
Geoff, Brent, and I at Enemy would like to help these guys out a little bit if we can, so we’re going to be throwing a benefit show for them at Enemy around the end of June… the 27th to be exact… Details about the event are still in the works, but I wanted to get this posted so people will save the date on their calendars… Also, if you’re a label, band, artist, or whatever and are willing to donate a release or two, some artwork or happen to have some old piece of gear(working of course!) lying around that you’re willing to part with to raffle off that night so we can raise a little cash for these guys, please get in touch… All proceeds from the event will go to Joe and Steve to help them replace their lost instruments and pay debts resulting from the theft. (via Jason Soliday @Enemy)

Details about the theft can be found here.


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