I’ve been working with Mark Beasley, Jon Cates, Jake Elliott, Alex Inglizian, Tamas Kemenczy, and Nicholas O’Brien on a project dubbed Magic Matrix Mixer Mountain to be unraveled and debugged this Saturday at Lampo.

SATURDAY 2009.06.06; 9PM
LAMPO 219 W. Chicago Avenue, 2nd Floor

I’m physically in NYC this weekend but will be jacking into the Mountain over the interweb. VGA monitors embedded in the mountain will be visually displaying the output of an HTML sampler I’m working on. In addition to everyone’s audio-system outputs, equipment will be mic’ed internally and externally creating a concofany of bits, volts, gears, and platters.


For Saturday’s 2 hour performance, I will be traversing the map above; from Homestead to Exosphere.

  1. Foothill Homestead
  2. Static Forest
  3. Stratosphere
  4. Matrix Pass
  5. Sherpa Camp
  6. Windy Ridge
  7. Scenic Overlook
  8. MMM Peak

Gapers Block writes:

The tone and texture of the piece, as well as the love of re-purposing dead/dying media reminds me of the project 8-bit Construction Set, not to mention dorkbot Chicago (with which this group shares members Jon Cates and Jake Elliott) or even the long-running trio I <3 Presets, whose ranks MMMM shares member Jon Satrom (also of Magic Missile) with this group and who are similarly devoted to technological obsolescences in their death-throes, turning error warnings into haikus and bluescreens into percussive solos. –Oh to live on/computer mountain/with the barkers and the colored balloons… – Gapers Block


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