Red-Hair: EatSinkingTeacups 1997

The other day, my sister-inlaw sent my wife a YouTube link and asked, “Is that Jon?”

OMG it is! Ironically, Sarah was in the audience.
It’s a video of my band in 1997 — That’s me singing/screaming in faux-falsetto. If I recall correctly, it’s a song about dogs with red hair, not that one could tell by the lyrics. There were a few songs that we would play that celebrated the absolute absurdity of failure on stage. The band as a whole became pretty good at balancing pure-crap with break-beats and improvised-noise. One song that I really love consisted of Jer singing while I banged a metal chair with a microphone. I would always make sure to bring the same chair for that song.

Thinking back, I can’t believe how much gear we would bring to our shows. It makes an I Love Presets setup look like a lemonade stand. You can see in the video, we had not one, but two 486 computers, a couple televisions, two looping film projectors, reel to reel audio, samplers, keyboards, guitars, a djembe, and a didjeridu; among a whole bunch of other crap. When we would travel to shows, I would drive a minivan. Jeremiah Palecek, Devin Morrill, and Ryan Schweitzer would have to take a separate car, which, I am sure had additional gear.

UPDATE: Red-Hair: EatSinkingTeacups 1997/2009 DataRemux [related post hyperlink]


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