minus 2 fuses

The Magic Missile show at the Mopery on Friday was great. The lineup rocked…

The Billington/Rullell Duo worked the room into a tumultuous rhythmic chant. The United Steel Worker’s Union took advantage of the large space and spread out for a spacious glossy set. Peaking Lights was a refreshing balance of noise, voice, and meter. Graveyards cornered themselves into the kitchen and cooked up a noisy free-jazz frenzy. For the majority of the evening, the Mopery was packed with loads of gear and people…


Magic Missile showed up with 13 flood-lights, 4 televisions, and the usual gear. We started off with the localized sound and image of the televisions going full blast. I was broadcasting a/v to them using a transmitter I built a bit ago. Jason faded in a mantra I had captured and looped from the television broadcast static. Without warning, we then hit the gas (lights + sound) and went 0 to 100 instantly.

About 5 minutes into the set, the lights blew a fuse. I checked the outlet, grabbed the power cord and yelled to Jason and Geoff, “I’m going to plug the lights into the same circuit as our gear.” I’m not sure if they heard me, but shortly there after, we blew another fuse and the set was over. Somehow it worked itself out as an excellent set. Quite a contrast to our Enemy show that was over an hour of drone.



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