David Lee Roth Game Sketch

Today I was a guest artist in jonCates‘s New Media 01 class. I showed some games I’ve made including the I Love Presets game I Love Resets, which I created using Power Game Factory. While thinking about sprite-animation and trolling around YouTube, I was smacked with inspiration from David Lee Roth’s Just Like Paradise music video.

The video is packed with action, from rock-climbing to dance-thrusting. I watched it a couple of times and started to identify potential movement cycles. It opens with an amazing kick-flip (jump cycle) and includes Roth strutting across the stage (walk cycle). I captured frames from the walk-cycle and put them together in PGF. It’s pretty funny because of the YouTube compression and the crappy job I did of extracting the figure from the video-frames.


I put a link to the game when it’s done…


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