Doc1 was created when my Outlook Email inbox began acting up one afternoon. Being a fan of glitches and looking for a distraction, I began taking screenshots. While capturing the trails of windows created by the Outlook malfunction to my clip-board, I opened a Word Doc to easily paste the screenshots into.

As the newly pasted images scrolled the document down, I began to relate to the multi-paged document as a film-strip. By capturing the error windows floating and smearing on top of the screenshots pasted into Word, a multi-layered feedback-loop opened up and consumed my afternoon.

You can “play” the document by running the attached macro. It contains a macro called “Praxinoscope” named for the animation device invented in France in 1877.

I was amazed (not surprised) at the difference in quality between YouTube and Vimeo. I also noticed that YouTube strips any links to Vimeo that users put in the annotations tool… It is a reminder that these seemling democratic systems are at their core propriarity, competitive, and closed.

Doc1 on Vimeo

Doc1 on YouTube


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