Faking the Books and Other Micro-Moments

I really enjoy Lali Puna’s “Faking the Books.” I think it’s something about the chopped up language component of the song. Dick Bird’s video for the song samples a VHS sign language video, which is interesting when thought of as a visual compliment to the auditory language chopping. I wish the keys were a little better. The digitalish effects, which I believe are attempting to mimic analogue effects, are a bit distracting in places — breaking the viewer out of the retro-gloss created by the outfits, hair-styles, and tape-quality. That aside, there are some really nice moments. It reminded me of Pièce Touchée by Martin Arnold. (Try playing them together…)

Lali Puna Faking the Books
Moments sampled from a sign language instructional video.

Pièce Touchée, Martin Arnold
Back and forth micro-moments from a single 18-second shot from The Human Jungle (dir. Joseph M. Newman, 1954).


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