Yesterday I fell in the park while shooting video with some Marwen students. I was sprinting through the grassy circle at Seward Park and slipped – BAM! – After I took the students back to the building, I went to the ER. They told me that I broke my clavicle bone. I made sure to get copies of the X-Rays.

Being a teaching artist, AKA “independent contractor,” I am very fearful of what this spill will end up costing.

I was told by the recommended physician’s office that the first follow-up appointment will end up being over 1K. I am sure that the emergency room bill is around what I get paid to teach the class at Marwen this semester…

From what I’ve read online and heard from others, this sort of fracture is capable of healing itself in 6 to 8 weeks — provided one rests, eats healthy, and keeps it in a sling.

<b>Is there anyone out there in th cyber-universe who can tell me if this break looks like it would need special care aside from those recommendations?</b>

Your comments and notes are much appreciated.


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