Magic Missile

Geoff, Jason, and I played as Magic Missile at EN3MY with Druids of Huge, Wet Hair, and Sic Alps. Gapers Block was foreshadowing our performance in their blurb,

Opening will be Iowa City’s Wet Hair, local extreme doom metal flash-flooders Magic Missile, and free-rock shamans Druids of Huge.

I am not sure if they were tipped off or not, but we had flashes and floods…

For the Magic Missile set, we had 6 100 watt floods, 6 500 watt studio lights, 1 750 watt studio flashes, 1 150 watt studio flash, and 2 120 watt strobes with remote triggering.

Geoff and Jason flooded the room with a wall of noise from coil-reverb boxes, guitar, and electronics. I cranked up the lights and fed processed sound from electromagnetic pick-ups on the flash bulbs into the monolith. Jason and I were working on an AC circuit that would use the amplitude of our sound to modulate the floods, but it ended up not working. At the last minute, I ran to my apartment and de-installed a dimmer switch to use as a controller for the floods. Though it got very hot during the performance, it still works and is happily re-installed…

from Theory Anesthetic's Flickr Stream

Photo: from Theory Anesthetic's Flickr Stream


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