i love presets

I love presets, I really do. I’ve been messing around with making a Presets micro-site on the ridiculus teen/tween site Piczo:

Piczo empowers teens worldwide to creatively express themselves, build personal communities, and share ideas and experiences with their friends in a safe online environment. Piczo’s customizable content, colorful graphics, glitter text, video, and photo tools spotlight member creativity without requiring technical skills

Empowerment through glitter text… sounds too good to be true! The site allows you to drag DIV’s around and design your own page. My original interest came from my curiosity of UI and functionality, but the absurdity of some of the toolsets/features fit in with the Presets ethos. I immediately started dragging tons of flash videos from the Yahoo Music service on top of each other. As I was setting up the page(s), the videos would all auto play at once when pages were loaded. This created a nice flickering, noisy, layered effect, with Flash DIVS fighting for the top playing “King of the Hill” (not the TV show, the game)…

But now, sadly, it looks like they have reworked that feature to only have one video load when you hit the page. Sometimes restrictions can be good and sometimes they can ruin things. One mans bug is another’s instrument. http://ilovepresets.piczo.com/


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