Fainting Goats

Production coefficients for North Dakota angora goat herd
Mature animal death loss (%) 1
Kid death loss (%) 2
Culling rate (%) 10
Weaning (%) 90
Mohair yields (lbs)
per doe 12
per yearling 8
per kid 4
per billie 15
Mohair market prices
per doe $1.25
per yearling $2.60
per kid $4.00
per billie $1.25
National Mohair target price (lb) $4.45
1991 Deficency payment per lb $2.66
Kid market price $40
Cull billie and doe selling price $18
Bred nannie value $100
Mature billie value $300
Grass hay price per ton $50
Corn price per bu. $2.30
Mineral cost per ton $240
Pasture cost per AUM $10
(Animal Unit Month)
Feed requirements
Pasture-AUM’s (6 months @
2 AUM per nannie and billie) 1.2
Roughage-grass hay (lbs per 6
months per nannie) 302
Corn grain to nannies (bu) 3.25
Mineral per nannie (lbs) 24
via: http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/pubs/alt-ag/angora.htm

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