I Love Presets at the Bottle

2008.02.19 9:00PM
The Empty Bottle & Triage present ‘Music of Changes’
I Love Presets
Eli Keszler
Geoff Mullen

I Love Presets played the Empty Bottle the other night as a part of the Triage series organized Blake Edwards, Brian Labycz, and Vadim Sprikut. Geoff Mullen opened the evening with some fine free jazzish solo drumming. He used a bunch of metal discs which had a name I’d never heard before. When he mentioned their name, I said to myself, “I should remember what those things are called…” Needless to say, I forgot.

I Love Presets at the Bottle

The stage was super crowded with Geoff’s drums, Eli’s setup, our gear (shown in the pic) and Akhkhazu’s three full drum sets. Rob, Jason and I had to fit everything onto a folding table and then pull it off the stage. I decided to cut my gear in half at the last minute due to space. Over all, I think it was a good set. As we were leaving, the bar tender said “When you brought up the game on screen, all conversations at the bar stopped.” I Love Presets defiantly pwn’d the room…
Akhkhazu closed the evening with a powerful set that ebbed in and out of rhythmic flurry.


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