Homemade Electronics Showcase

MidWest Homemade Experimental Electronics Showcase

Sounds Happy
Roth Mobot
Factory Smoke
Talking Computron
Creme DeMentia

I unexpectedly met up with Nick, Jake, Sarah and Tamas last night on my way over to the MidWest Homemade Experimental Electronics Showcase, organized by Patrick McCarthy at Hotti Biscotti. When we got there, Richard was playing OHM- The Early Gurus of Electronic Music. I think we only caught the end of it, but it looks amazing. I was reminded that I should pick up a copy. The interviews are edited in a strange aptly electronicly-mediated-syncopated/sampled way. The on-screen cybernetic recollections set the tone for an evening of circuit bent sounds.

Fantastic Planet

During many of the sets, Richard was screening an animated 1973 science fiction film called Fantastic Planet AKA La Planète Sauvage directed by René Laloux. Alain Goraguer did the soundtrack (which we didn’t hear), and from what I gather, constructed it from overloaded circuits. As much as I don’t like ambient/non-attached visuals-for-visuals-sake, it was pretty interesting. +update: I just finished watching it (with sound/english version)… it has some really nice moments. There is one scene in particular where the little Ohm runs outside to find crystals growing on everything and realizes that he can burst them by whistling… I found the themes of virtuallity and knowledge-as-power interestingly addressed.

I’ve posted a few videos I shot. Talking Computron did a cover of Staring at the Sun by TV on the Radio. I didn’t recognize the song at first, but I remember it from watching the video for the song. It features the use of a Paik Abe video synthesizer. On the Nam June Paik tip, Factory Smoke had a bent television similar (no video input) to the Wobbulator. [ARS archive] I had the chance to use one a few years ago at the Experimental Television Center. ClipLead‘s set was excellent and Patrick of Roth Mobot attempted to have a telepresent set via phone with Tommy who probably has some interesting voice messages.


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